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I have a question about the trim mix on my 1999 XJ8 which is mistral blue with seat and door cards as Ivory (NED) as marked in tag in engine bay.

I decided recently to re-ovate my seat Trim. Although I had to revert to some carpet glue on new headliner material as other attempts with recommended high temp resistant spray glue for headliners did not offer much sticking power between swede foam backed fabric and headliner base which I think was a lamination of wood and a plastic middle.

Steering wheel and door knob and dash board are sort of brown colour possibly after looking at other posts maybe Sable (AEK). Carpet colour code unknown but it is a sort of beige.

Thinking of getting a small 60ml bottle of dye to finish off steering wheel scuffs.

I wonder if anyone can offer the likely the Jaguar code for the steering wheel.

Link below lists the colours / codes but I need to be sure of the right ones, please.
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