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Supercharger pulley downgrade

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Hi all,as some of you know I went for the supercharger pulley upgrade.....ever since the car keeps blowing coolant pipes,ive lost count as to how many we have replaced. Jaguar coolant hoses are the cheapest nastiest rubbish God ever created.The 1st pipe to blow was the valley pipes at the rear,this created a mega saga which some may remember.I have had the car almost 3 yrs,in that time it has done just over 15,000 miles,is always garaged,never sees rain....Anyway the valley pipes look to have burst again,they lasted about 12,000 miles.Boy am I peed off.
I know when Paramount Performance did the upgrade it involves cutting/burning off the original pulley.Is it possible to put it back to original? Will i need another supercharger? The so called gains aint worth the grief. Also I think I would like a non Jaguar set of coolant hoses,Jaguars own arent up to the job,any ideas anyone?
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Did they do both the upper and lower pulleys? The lower pulley would be much easier to change back since it's just bolted on.
Yes BB, you can downgrade, but it's the same deal, so you'll need a new standard pulley they'll cut off the upgraded one and replace it with standard. You don't fancy looking into some upgraded intercooling instead?
Why not consider a trip to Paragon and get yourself a set of colour coded hoses instead ?
Paragon Design UK - Jaguar XK8 XKR Engine Upgrades and Detailing
Them Paragon sets look nice,but arent they only available for the 4.0litre? Dj screw the upgraded cooling,i bet that too will be as disappointing as the rest of the upgrade.Tbh I dont know what to do for the best,but I really regret doing that upper pulley. I cant believe that the new Jaguar hoses have lasted less than 10,000 miles,why are they so poorly manufactured? The really annoying thing is I also had my Transit break down yesterday,I had 2 leave that on the side of the road 30miles from home. 2 in 1 day eh...u gotta love it
speak to highbury hose about making you a set of hoses.
I agree BB, 10k is pretty carp for the hoses to last, specially as the one that recently went on me had lasted 80K+. I hope you find some decent hoses, cos I like the upgrade and don't wanna go back :(
Just ordered a new set of hoses and clips off Paragon for £600,hopefully these will do the job...I ordered red
LOL, well of course you chose Red, I can't wait to see 'em!
Tbh the colour didnt concern me,I would have prefered black ,I chose red because it will be easier for me to check the garage swap them all ennit lol
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