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Supercharger Replacement - DIY removal and refitting

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I need to replace my Supercharger and having just sourced a reasonably priced second-hand unit I am looking to save even more money by doing the replacement myself.

I know which end of a spanner does what and I don't mind devoting a whole weekend to the task, but I'd really prefer to follow some instructions rather than just muddle my way through.

Can anyone point my in the right direction of a "How to" guide or a sticky? It needs to be model specific obviously, but I really just need to know which bits to remove and in what order.... along with some tips about difficult tasks ideally.

It must be a job that's done quite often to replace / upgrade the pulley so I'm hoping there's something out there......
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Its not a job for the faint hearted, the EGR pipework & t/body mounting bolts at the back of the V are a real bitch, you cant seeall the t/body mtg bolts, I would be tempted to slot the bkt to put it back next time I remove one, the EGR bolts will be rusted away. Sorry.
Replace any coolant hoses while its out as well.
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