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Suspension/brake rattle

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Hi all,

Some advice needed. When I go over rough ground or a pot hole etc I can hear a rattle coming from front drivers side. Sounds like something very slightly loose. If I go over the same spot with the brakes even slightly engaged I get no sound so, presumably, something in the brake set up there isn't quite right. Any suggestions as to what it would be?

The noise isn't massively loud but it there, even on relatively minor jolts to the car.

Cheers all,

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Worn pads?
Pads look to have plenty life left in them, that was the first thing I thought to look for. It's almost as if either the caliper or disc is somehow a little loose so when I engage the brakes it "clamps" it all together and stops the rattle.
Exactly the same thing hapening to mine. Plenty of meat left on the pads, in fact they look fairly new. For some reason, they are rattling over bumpy ground! I have only had the car 4 week, so not much time to investigate the problem fully.
Hi mate,

Sorted mine. It was the clips/springs that hold the pad secure in the caliper. One was slightly loose, 2 minute replacement and no problems since then.

Narrow down which wheel it's coming from and start there. If the noise disappears when the brakes are engaged then I'd guess yours is the same.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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