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Suspension squeak

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My XKR has developed a squeak over undulating surfaces which sounds like a creaky gate any ideas?
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Sounds like a creaking foam insulator at the top of one of the upper spring mounts.
Ok thanks, do you know how difficult this is to fix?
I have same problem, i listen to the experts ;)
All depends on your ability plus your toolkit! First thing I would advise is to get a copy of the Kelsey Publications paperback, 'Jaguar XK8 A Modern Sporting Icon'. Cost £8 plus P&P This link will show you the details:

Jaguar XK8 Modern Sporting Icon Book

There are 29 Jaguar World Monthly magazine articles about the XK8/XKR. Six of them are technical articles, with stacks of good colour photos showing:
1. A Full service
2. Replacing Timing Chains and Tensioners
3. Changing Front Wheel Bearings
4. Renewing Front Suspension Bushes
5. Replacing Front Dampers
6. Replacing Rear Dampers

The damper (Shock) articles cover the foam insulator removal/replacement and all articles indicate the tools - standard and special - needed. For the jobs listed this book is much better than JTIS!!
The rear suspension can be stripped down without using a spring compressor, but the front coil/dampers need a heavy duty one capable of dealing with the tapered shape.

PS Just seen that the XK8 Book can be downloaded (£4.99) for iPads and iPhones from Search 'Jaguar XK8'
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I just bought that book, hope it will help me ;))))
Ciaoooo !!!
Dear Astromorg you are becoming my guru LOL
I bought the book you suggested in this thread.
Please, you know that im not english, can you explain me in "easy" words what can i do to correct my XK8 suspension squeak ?
I tried to read what's in the topics but i understood nothing, im not so good in technical english... :-(((((((((
Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee help meeeeeeeeee !!!
Thanks so so so much in advance and have a nice weekend !!!
I've pm'd you with some thoughts Luca! Let me know what you'd like to do!
Hi guys i will try the astromorg's trick ;) because is very easy to hear, is just in front and is enough to push down the car with my hand to hear the creeeeeeeeeek LOL
Im not anymore able to understand from where it comes the creek, if from front or from back... im going crazy... LOL
Anyway, also my mechanic told the that are the "gums" of the sunspensions and of the bar.
Can anyone tell me which parts to order for example on britishparts website ?
Thanks ;)
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