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taking off parking brake on non starting xj?

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does anyone know how to take the park brake off on a car that wont start?
needs to be towed to garage to be fixed but but i really dont know how to get the brake off
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take out the small round plug on the gear shift surround with the ignition key, it has a star shape embossed into it, stick the ignition key into the hole to disengage the park brake lock , place the car into neutral , and tow away , not forgetting to release the handbrake !

I was under the impression you should not tow an automatic? unless for a very small distance?
That's right - if it has to be towed it should be done with the rear wheels off the ground. My XKR handbook says maximum towing distance is half a mile provided a speed of 30mph is not exceeded.
i agree ,
however, to manoeuvre the car to be able to lift the rear wheels and lock the steering there is no problem ,

and what does it matter how far or fast the front wheels turn if being towed at sensible speeds ?

It wasn't clear from my post (or you misunderstood!) that max towing speed is all wheels on ground. As you say, there's no reason to tow slowly if you've got the back wheels lifted.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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