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Technology updates

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Hi, I love to keep up with what is happening with technology and would like to share some updates with you. If anyone has any other interesting information, please feel free to post it here.

Interactive Plasma Display lets you write in different colours simultaneously...
Interactive Plasma Display lets your write in different colors simultaneously | Ubergizmo

Dont let anyone accidently bump into you with their phone near yours ...
Phone to computer photo sharing is just a Bump away | News | TechRadar

Mobile fingerprint scanners to be used by the police .....
BBC News - Mobile fingerprint scanners to be adopted by Met Police

I believe this was discussed before on this forum. I recently used my voice memo on my iphone to capture the person who drove into me admitting it was his fault....
BBC - Newsbeat - Cameras trialled in cars to help cut insurance for young#

This one could be useful.
Text your oven while you are out ....
Text your oven: AGA iTotal Control with Orange SIM lets you cook while you are out - Pocket-lint

I will regularly put updates on here for those who are interested.
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Im surprised, I would have thought people would have been interested and discussed these. Maybe not....
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