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Telephone error

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Just in the process of trying to add working telephone module via bluetooth connection.
Have a completely unwired for telephone 2004 xtype 2.0d sport..have already retro fitted sucessfully the sat nav/touch screen system, and the parts I have for the telephone installation are....

1) Bluetooth module btum installed under armrest - not sure of part number.
2) phone loom with the large grey plug on one end, and two greeny coloured plugs on the other end, plugged into sockets under rear seat
3) Phone module pse, installed in back, connected to optic network sucessfully, and obviously with the phone loom plugged into it.This module part number end in AC

I get the message "Hang up phone" ...or words to that description, whenever I press the phone button next to the touchscreen

Have I got too early a phone module to be able to work with a bluetooth module???...I have a bad feeling I have....
Also acquired a gsm phone module with part number ending in AF...this didnt come up with the same message when it was connected up.

what do I need to get the phone system working?
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