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Tell me what you think of these please.

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I've managed to lure a mate over to the Jag side, but he wants a petrol estate (he's a big spender with deep pockets).

As I'm an oil burner,I could do with a few pointers.
Anyone with any comments about these
Used Jaguar X-type Estate 2.5 V6 Se 5dr | S I Motors Ltd
Used Jaguar X-type Estate 2.5 V6 Se 5dr | S I Motors Ltd
I like the Blue, but would want the Barley seats!! But I'm picky (he says with a Gold one!!)

Anything with specific to the petrol AWD models he should look out for.
I'm worried about the rear drive gubbins, transfer box and rear prop as I've not had the pleasure of fixing them yet.
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If he's looking at the 2.5, he may as well get the 3.0. The mpg is very similar but the 3.0 has the extra horses.

There's quite a lot on here about troublesome drive-trains, but I would suggest that in real life these problems are fewer than members make out. As you know, any 4x4 or AWD has the transfer case as an achiles heal. It seems to be that the later cars post 2004 had a stronger TC due to the removal of the vicous coupling.

Some propshafts whine, some rear diffs clonk (although that may be the diff mount bush rather than the diff internals)

Personally, I have a 2004 3.0 estate with almost 73k on the clock, and so far, I've had no trouble at all.
Been out to look at both of these, drove both and I must admit I'm happy with my Diesel now it's fitted with a Synergy tuning box!

The blue one had oil all over the front prop coupling, which was splattered around the chassis rails, so it looked like the transfer case was leaking, as was the power steering reservoir.

It also clonked from the back end and clicked from the front O/S, sounded worse when the drive was taken up on a slope, when the clutch came up.
That also felt stiff and bite was very low on the pedal.

The green was drove well and after a bit of a haggle is now my mate's new motor.
Couple of usual niggles, glass tailgate popping, passenger door handle sticking sometimes and a O/S rack end tie rod with a little play.
You've got to check any used car. The next lemon could easily be a diesel!

Hope he gets the little niggles sorted. Sounds like walking away from the blue one was the right thing to do.
Funny thing was how both laid their power down.

I'm used to the diesel, and with the tuning box now fitted, it feels more spirited once you get the turbo spooled up, pushing you back in the seat and making you grin!!
Both those 2.5's felt a little flat to me, though smooth (something I can't claim to mine) and powerful, I guess you could describe it as more linear, power wise.

I could get used to making that V6 growl though, sounds much more pleasing than my demented taxi, but scrolling through the trip computer and looking that the MPG, I'll take the demented taxi any day!!
That's why I say get the 3.0.

If you're prepared to pay at the pump, you may as well get the full 231 BHP in with the deal!!

My 3.0 auto estate is not flat by any means. It has more power than my old 2.6 V6 Omega and more power than my 3.0 Monza (although the Monza feels faster because it's louder and maybe slightly less smooth!). As you say, the noise makes you smile, even if the fuel gauge doesn't!!
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