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Temp Gauge XK150

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Anyone know where I can get a temp/oil gauge repaired for an XK150? The pipe has broken off the temp sender, I presume it was filled with a gas.
It is a smiths gauge and has red tips on the oil/temp pointers.
Or a used one that works.... I am located near Chester.
Cheers Dave.
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Anyone tried

I just googled them...they offer a replacement/exchange unit and pipe for £199.00
otherwise I'd ask SNG Barratt or Coventry Car Components.

Hope that helps

On youtube is a how to on repairing the old temperature lines. It is under a heading of Dodge Dart or similar as it has helium in the line. Google temp gauge repair. Yaricksa said order an oil pressure gauge, how would you read the temperature then or was he suggesting drilling another hole in a pristine dash to add a gauge?????
SNG Barratt do reconditioned gauges, and can supply a new word of warning on installation, fit the correct grommet over the pipe after you have threaded the pipe through the holes behind the bulkhead into the engine's easier
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