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temperature reading

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Just a query really...I retro fitted the sat nav/touch screen etc a couple of months ago...and when I put the new screen in, on the little digital climate display, there's two is the main air con temp...the other says "EXT" and has always has a temperature of 10 registered next to it...which never changes...where is the sensor for this "ext" readout...and what's the part I need called....its not the "ambient temp sensor" is it?
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This sensor is for the outside air and it is located behind the front bumper. They're quite cheap even from the main dealer I think (something like £7) and they should know what you're talking about. The ambient sensor is located just to the left of the steering wheel - it's that tiny little square with grid over it which buzzes sometimes.
Cheers redfox666...I thought that may be the case...
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