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That Time of Year Again

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Well as the heading says it's that time of year again... MOT Tomorrow :eek: Got my fingers crossed although there should be no real problems as she's only done 4k since the last MOT. Dunno what it is but I always get nervous as it is upto someone else to declare your car roadworthy and after hearing of unscrupulous testers just failing your car for something thats dubious just so they get some work out of you and extra coffers for thier garage. :rolleyes:
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If you know your car is right and you question/dispute something you have the right to say "Show me". OR you can get a second opinion and appeal the MOT.
I'm lucky, although I've never had to call on his services, mt recently retired brother had 35 years in with the Ministry/VOSA. What he doesn't know about that job isn't worth knowing. If I'm not happy........."have a look at this David". He's dealt with many "unscrupulous" testing stations.
Apparently local Councils have MOT testing stations for their fleet vehicles but they have to have these open to the public for some sort of legal reason, certainly I know of one near me. They aren't well published but you can find them online. I've heard they're very good because although they can MOT your car they won't take on any work to repair it, so they aren't interested in mis-selling you repairs. I can't personally vouch for this though, as I just go to my local independant.
Your right there Galcian, the local authority MOT testing stations are only trained as MOT testers and are not fully qualified mechanics so they have no ulterior motive to fail you on silly little things, but I'm not sure if the free retest procedure apples to them as you're taking the vehicle away to be rectified/repaired after a failure, but I have heard that some of them will do quick silly repairs if they have the time and parts available etc.

Oh Well I'll find out tomorrow. :)
Good luck Jerry. Really hope it goes well. Just had my 1961 Wolseley tested - lots of welding needed. I'm sure that your test will be a lot more positive.
Bloomin typical..... The MOT station foned up and said they cant MOT today because a piece of thier equipment is broken and will rebook at a time to suit me.
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