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Thinking of changing to an XK8 but need advise.

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Thinking of changing to an XK8 but need advice.

Hi, I think i'm going through the mid-life thing at the moment.

I have a very nice 2002 S-Type SE Auto but I've always looked at the XK8 and thought one day.....
Anyway, there maybe a chance I could get my hands on a 1999 XK8 4.0 Coupe Auto.

The only worry for me is that I drive down to London and back each week (manley motorways) and clock upto 300 miles a week. Now I know nothing when it comes to MPG but I would say I spend £70 a week on fuel (this would include small runs here and there).
My question/worry is how much more do you think it would cost me to run the XK8? This would make or break the deal for me as my lovely Wife will not understand me changing my car for another car let alone something 3 years older and a bigger engine).

Any ideas?
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Hello there!

I do 220 miles per week to and from work on a mix of dual carraigeway and single and it costs me about £60/week, that does include a few short runs here and there.

You should do better on motorways than what I'm managing.

You know you want to :)

All the best

Hi Rich, thanks for the info and yes I do want to but it was a worry going from a 2.0L to a 3.0L and now this. Well its a real room pacer I can tell you. Head over heart, heart over head. The good news is the insurance is the same.
If your worried about mpg, you could consider coverting to LPG?
I would be careful of the 4.0 engines, I'd be looking at the 4.2's. There's quite a bit of literature out there regarding the XK8 to help you.
I had a 2001 XK8 coupe between 2007 and 2009 and my overall consumption (mostly short journeys) was 18.6155 mpg. The best I got out of a tank was 26.2 mpg. Hope this helps you make the right decision and buy it!
Thanks for the info guys.
Go for it, we have had ours for nearly a year and it still puts a smile on our faces.

Hi ! My XK8 drink fuel like English teenagers in Palma de Mallorca !!! :D
It's all about Smiles Per Gallon :D
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