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Thomas Barclay

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Has anyone used Thomas Barclay Thomas Barclay - Independent Jaguar Specialist

I live in Harrow and they are the closest to me.

The page "How we are different" Servicing Jaguars classic and new | Independent Jaguar Specialist lists below, with more experienced users of Jaguars, does this ring a bell?

Every Jaguar Service includes the use of injector cleaner.

Thomas Barclay lubricates the entire fuel system both pre and post combustion. This helps to reduce exhaust emmissions and maintain oxygen sensors an d EGR valave cleaniness (points of failure in any vehicle). It also inproves engine performance and ensures the vehicle remains easy to drive.

Every service includes Motor Flush whihc cleans the engine internally, providing anti-wear protection, prevents sticking piston rings and VVT systems, removes lacquer, varnish and sludge deposits from the crankcase. (I AM NOT TOO KEEN ON GETTING THE ENGINE FLUSHED).

Every vehicle service at Thomas Barclay receives a courtesy wash and hoover (weather permitting), many larger main dealers charge for this (in the service cost).

Your car is treated individually, for example during servicing Air Filters, Pollen Filters, and Wiper Blades are removed and thoroughly checked. If the items are serviceable we simply put them back, we don't replace parts that don't need replacing and charge you accordingly.

Because Thomas Barclay only use genuine Jaguar parts, unless otherwise requested by the client, and services in accordane with Jaguar's service schedule, your warranty is not effected under the BER legislation.
Thomas Barclay's fully equipped workshops are located in Buckinghamshire just a short distance from the M25 and M40. It serves the surrounding counties of Bucks, Berks, Middx, Surrey, London, Essex, Beds, Herts, Hants, and Oxon.
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The 'glow-plug' warning light started to flash intermittently on my X-type 2.2Diesel. I wasn't too impressed with my last service, at a nearby garage, so I looked on Jaguar forum to see who might be able to take a look at it and found Thomas Barclay mentioned as somewhere to try who are independent and competent ( .
I must say I was absolutely delighted with him for his work and the way in which he carried it out, just a nice person to deal with. A really good guy to use for fixing Jaguar problems. He also sorted out front and rear suspension bushes which were causing some knocking. I'll definitely be going back for any future work and servicing! :p
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