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Time to wake up the sleepy 20d

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Hi there Mentepazza, an upgrade in this area is always welcome

I'm not personally a fan of tuning boxes and much prefer the remap, but hope it all goes well

Hope to hear
That's not bad at all. Are these only for diesel or are there equivalents for the petrol ingeniums?
What's the Warranty situation with a rechip or remap?
Put some pictures here, if you can, please...
Also, if you can make some acceleration measurements with the box connected or not, would be very interesting. Top speed at a certain strip for example...???

I seriously begun to think about this one now:
with the app control...
Here we go, acceleration video in normale mode:

And here in Dynamic:
Of all the things to go and do. Film yourself breaking the law!!
Lets just hope theres no police on here.
Video has Been taken on private circuit. No law has been broken.
Ah ok then. Sorry.

Take back what i wrote. Doh!
1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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