Tire Recommendations for a 2005 S-Type R?


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Jul 21, 2021
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I need a new set of tires for my STR, the Nexen N3000s that came with the car need replacement. I DO enjoy stomping on the gas pedal now and then, and taking the curved highway entrance ramps a little faster than I would with my truck (who wouldn't?), but the majority of my driving is highway driving, keeping it to about 75 MPH where I can. I average maybe 4,000 miles per year.

I'm looking for tires that are quiet and comfortable, yet will stand up to a bit of harder driving occasionally. I was initially looking at performance tires, but I was told that they will be a louder, give a rougher ride, and will only last half as long as an all-season tire. So I am now looking at the all season type, even though living in North Carolina, I won't be driving in any of the very infrequent snow that we may get here.

Does anyone have an recommendations? Thanks!