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Top speed XFR

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Has anybody done a top speed text on an XFR and managed to remove the limiter? What top speed did you get?
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2-2-5 . 6-7-5mph.....

Watch Jaguar XFR Hit 225MPH - YouTube

fastest Jaguar ever....
Thanks Sean. I have seen the video. I was hoping that somebody with a standard car had been able to remove the top speed limiter and do a top speed test. Mine did 165 on a rolling road but would not go past the limiter.
The limiter seemed to be at 165 instead of the claimed 155
There was a post on here a while back that reckoned the limiter only worked in top gear and dropping down a cog would bypass it. I think that was when the XFR only had a 6-speed box, though.
I went to The Ring at Easter and on the way back did an indicated 174~175mph in top gear. It was limited at this as it felt like a rev limiter was cutting in at around 5500RPM. Dropping down to 5th did not help.
How many gears does the latest XFR have?
Still 6 as I understand it. Not sure if it will ever get the 8 speed 'box? I am keeping an eye on this myself as an XFR looms for me next year.
Google XFR-S Wilf and have a look at
It won't be an XFR-S!

I don't want a "firmer chassis".
That's the only problem. I also think it will be too hard. Can anybody beat Ash and his 175mph?
Well, I have had 2 bottles of wine and that sounds like a challange!!
That's the only problem. I also think it will be too hard. Can anybody beat Ash and his 175mph?
Yes Autobahn Frankfurt to Stuttgart 13.06.2012. 3:00am Jaguar xkr 2007 177 mph (177 indicated on a Tom Tom as my sat nav doesnt have a disc for Germany yet)- left a BMW M3 for dead after 150 mph in outside lane.......Yes I know its not an XFR... but just wanted to say....
Thanks for that. It would seem that the limiters very a bit.
A stardard XFR should do 198mph if the limiter is removed. Does anyone know how to remove the limiter?
DMS automotive claimed to have removed the limiter from my car during the remapping process. However, I haven't had the location nor required 'gentlemans vegetables' to test the claim.
Are there actually limiters fitted? ive driven three so far and all went past 165. Mine went off the clock on an undisclosed stretch of road and I bottled it a smudge over 180 mph as it was my drive home having just bought it!
I've heard the approach is to get to the limiter, lift off and hard back on the accelerator by-passes the limiter
What an awesome idea - kickdown at 155mph!
When I went round the jaguar track at Gaydon in the XFR I got to 175 and asked how did it do that and the driver said they all do. I thought they would just hit 155 on the limiter but the limiter was 175, he said they all have some after even though all the press state 155 not sure why this is
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