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Torque Pro app'.

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Hi folks.

Are any of you using the Torque Pro app for Android?
If so, which OBD Bluetooth dongle do you use.
I've currently got the PLX type which worked well on my XJR's and Bentley GT, but on my XFR there doesn't seem to be much info'. Water temp, etc.

Cheers. Les.
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I use the free version of Torque - Torque Lite - with my Samsung Galaxy A7 and it works perfectly with an Elm327 plugged into the OBD2 port.
Heaps of Elm327s out there on Fleabay but best to get one of the more reputable ones rather than a cheap Chinese knock-off, even the good ones shouldn't be much more than $25.
Cheers OzJag.

I will have a look on the Bay
I'm running lots of BHP on the XFR and am really interested in the tech side of what's going on.
Thanks for the help.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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