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Torque settings

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Hi All
Been doing some work on the XK engine and I'm struggling to find torque settings. There was always a chart in workshop manuals the sort of thing that was handy to have in the garage but I can't find one for the XK8.
Just wondering if anyone has come across one.
Thanks in anticipation

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If you can get hold of JTIS (Jaguar Technical Information System ?) which is a sort-of computer-based workshop manual, all the torque settings are there, as well as procedures for all jobs.
If you do a search, there are various ways of getting hold of it. I think I paid a few pounds for a disc from Ebay, but it can be downloaded f.o.c. - this link may still work :

It's a very large file (or files) - that's why I got a disc as our rural internet connection would have taken days to download - and it will only work on fairly old versions of Windows (XP I think) so an old dedicated laptop is the best option.

Otherwise - just ask for the information you need, and someone will be able to help.
Thanks for that DD. I wondered what JTIS was that was talked about on the forum, so now I know I'll give it a try.

Thanks again.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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