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Touch-up paint for Vinyl interior parts?

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Any recommendations for where to get touch-up paint pens in LEG Warm Charcoal and CGT Cranberry for Vinyl interior surfaces?

Already tried colour-restoring balm for leather, it doesn't soak into vinyl, so it needs a paint of some sort...

Nothing from Jag, they only have touch-up pens for external colours....
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Search out a product called vinylcote used it years ago on head linings and vinyl seats. Fab stuff.
Thanks Jamie. In the meantime i've order two Scuffmaster kits from Gliptone / Liquid Leather in Cranberry and Warm Charcoal.
Been "guaranteed" that it works on vinyl just as well as leather. I will post the before & after shots and give some feedback.
Both the X-Type & the XJR have scratches on the glovebox, so let's hope this works. If not, plan B is the vinylcote.
Doh I have a shoe box full of them in lots of colours.
Now you tell me!

Works a treatDid several marks on my champagne/mocha.Use a fine modelling brush.Might need several coats but it does the business.
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