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Trim clips USA needs Help from UK

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Saturday evening June 2


Someone in the UK must be able to help me !

car is a 1995 XJ6 VDP

I am looking for 6 pieces part number Yellow Trim clip KTP 100003
these are the yellow Xmas tree like long yellow clips holdinf the air duct/ECU cover Scutlez casing as see in jaguar parts book Fascia Trim 3i18

There are 3 for the panel but I need 6 of those.

Your help would be greatly appreciated this side of the water

Thank you so much in advance

P.S. I am not US citizen (my wife is from Guilford and I am from Brussles)
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I think the part No. is KTD100003.

These are listed as available from Jaguar for 49p each.

Thanks for the kind info. You might be right for the part number. the PDF parts catalog I have is pretty bad.

The closest Jag dealer I have is about 35 miles away and I cannot locate those on eBay UK or eBay USA and anyway they most probably kick me out of the door for such idiotic (non money making) request (we are in the US not in the UK ! ! !)

I will try again some contacts in the UK

thanks again


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If you are using an old paper or PDF parts catalogue (catalog :) ), throw it away. Use this

You can order the parts online. No minimum order.

Search for the part no. and you will find what you are looking for.
Dear Brendan

Tried several emails to these people but no answer whatsoever. Not very customer friendly.

That is the best way to lose customers and how to get great reputation on the social media!

Thank anyway for your kind help

Claude, the UK has had a 2 public holidays this week (Monday & Tuesday) for the Queens Diamond jubilee, this maybe the reason for no reply as yet.

JagBits in California seem to sell the clips you are after Ktd100003

Thanks for the info again

My Niece told me that you had TWO days off, unheard off here TWO days off in arow and after a week-end ? ? ?

If we did this in the US the country would go bankrupt or would be under the control of the rest of the world :)

Yes they answered me in the UK. Very nice

Thanks again

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The second day was a once in 60 years, thanks to our love of royalty. If only you'd behaved yourselves all those years ago .... :)
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