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Types of accelerator pedal

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Just read cyberice's thread on different type of floor mats, one for the suspended accelerator pedal, one for the floor mounted.

So this got me thinking. Has anyone drove the 2 versions? What feels better? Is the floor mounted one after a certain year guessing 08/09?

I suppose it would feel better underneath the foot being able to fully rest it on it.

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I've driven both. I was under the impression the difference was between petrol and diesel, maybe the 2.1 has an arrangement similar to the diesel, I've not driven one of those yet.

My 2004 diesel has the pedal hanging down and my mate's just bought a 2004 2.5 petrol with the organ pedal up from the floor.

You get used to what you drive I suppose, my diesel feels normal.
I've driven both in many different cars (I'm looking to buy an X-type). And there is a difference. I found the hanging pedal arrangement difficult or even impossible to heel and toe. Whereas the floor mounted setup had one of the best combinations of accelerator and brake pedal size, position, and feel I've ever driven. With the caveat that I didn't brake nearly as hard as one would on a race track, and what works while braking moderately might not work at all while braking hard. At least, I know from other cars that the opposite is true. But that's OK - I've no interest in racing my new X-type. But I will heel and toe it.

My impression is that at some point Jaguar switched from hanging to floor mounted. Based on the above post and my experience, my guess would be 2004.

Which brings up the retrofit question. I've just started searching the forum for the answer, but if anyone reading this one knows anything about this, insight would be appreciated!
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