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tyre pressures

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Hi all

quick question. 06 plate 2.7d running on 245/45/17

currently running at 31psi all round as per door card and manual. yesterday i nipped into kwik crap and he recomended 34 psi all round. generaly what do you guys find better ?? i have sport contacts all round and find them the best tyre for the job and 1 of very few who supply a j rated tyre. apparantly jaguar rated ??

off on one of my little european jaunts this afternoon just a quickie to barcelona. back saturday so will do another diary :)
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Kwik Crap indeed, I'll never darken their doorstep.

Normal running 31psi all round. Loaded fast running, 38psi all round.
Kwik *** couldn't tell you the correct time of day.
Avoid Kwik Crap like the plague. Previous owner of my S had been there just before I got her, and they had adjusted the wheel alignments. Two months into owning her both front tyres were bald on the insides (down to the wire).
Turned out they'd set them as "front wheel drive"????? Cost me nearly £300 for tyres and correct setting up.
Kwik Crap denied any responseability as their gaurentee only covered previous owner.
Rant over, anyway I run 31psi all round, no problems.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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