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Hello All, just out of curiosity, i found an old thread in the general chat section, i was just reading back getting a feel for the place when i came across one from somebody who had just got a job after a stint of unemployment.

So if you don't mind divulging and theres no pressure but if youare/were unemployed in the last say 5 years and would like to chat about it please do, reason i ask is im unemployed at the moment and i can't find the trend anywhere and its about as clear as mud.

thanks all, Lindsay
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Lindsay, You will find something, just keep on doing your best & you'll get there in the end. Sometimes it's just worth reminding yourself that you have all the abilities that you had before & do your best not to let your changed circumstances affect you. Not saying it's easy but worth the effort.
Above all else hold your head up & look the world straight in the eye & don't stop believing in yourself.
I do know what it feels like, from a long time ago, the above gave me the strength to win hope it does same for you. My sincere best wishes & don't stop believing.

Is this the thread that you were looking for? I stumbled across it by accident.

Roger, thank you for your kind words, as a matter of fact, i recieved a telephone call this afternoon about a job interview tomorrow morning in a warehouse, so i'll be up at sparrows fart and on the highway by 7.

Kind Regards, Lindsay.
Lindsay, Good luck for tomorrow. By the way you must have really big sparrows over there. if you can hear them making that sound that you mentioned. Ours are very quite.

Hi there Roger, thanks very much, hahah yes very funny, they're huge, regularly see them with sheep in their talons ;)
Lindsay, good luck! Life can be some times hard but always be trying to remain in positive state of mind. I wish you success!
Hi there Tatyana, i went for a job interview today for a warehouse team for Woolies, so hopefully i'll get a call in the near future, all seemed to go well to fingers crossed ;)
Yes fingers crossed. I hope, that you will have good news!
I was out of work from last September.... over 70 job applications (stopped counting at about 70)... finally began to get some work through an agency about 8 weeks ago... had a successful interview for a job last week ... a temporary contract from Sept to January (maybe longer)... Throughout this time did some courses and have qualified as a writer of wills, trusts and LPA (lasting power of attorney)... At times it was quite easy to become a bit despondent... but I think it was my positive attitude that got me through and led to more recent success.
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