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Valet Key

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Could someone please post a picture of the valet key from the X350?

I'm trying organise replacment keys, but keep hitting a dead end when it comes to finding a Valet key.

Three different locksmiths have asked me to send a picture, problem is I have no idea what they look like, except that they are green....

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You probably wont see the differance between the 2.
The tips are slightly different.

If you have a problem getting one , we are able to help.
you may also what to ask yourself whether you really need one.
I wondered if taking the battery out of a normal key would have the same function as the Valet key.
Just a thought.
you may also what to ask yourself whether you really need one.
I don't really need an XJR either....but that hasn't stopped me....
Mine looks like this.

I've no idea when I'd ever use it.

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Thanks! ! !

OK to post pics, you just need to use old-school BB code;
and put your link in between.

But be careful because the link turns into a hyperlink, after pasting in your link in it will be blue & underlined, just press delete once to remove the link.
Ta! Done that...
A valet key is there for the 'toffs' who have their cars parked by butlers or so, so they don't have their boots 'rifled' in the process when attending 'aristocratic balls'or similar functions ! My last 3 Jaguars supplied by dealers never had one. As I'm not that type, it's useless to me and to many others ! A proper full functional one is more useful ! Whatever turns you on.
I have a valet (all Australians do) but no key
You mean like a 'Man Friday' ?
Being an Aussie myself, i'm a little confused, still wondering what Robert means exactly.
I think he's doing irony.
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