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Very Happy First time Jag owner

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Hi All, my name's Paul and I live on the outskirts of Herne Bay. After a years looking, researching and buying every Jag magazine I could find, I could not make up my mind on whether to sell my '72 MGBGT for a XK8 or trade my trusty 2003 Diesel Rover 75 (now on 196,000 and never a breakdown) for an S Type. After looking at some 305 XJ's as an alternative to the S I ended up with a bit more of a heart rather then head decsion and traded the Rover for a 2009 2.7 Premium Luxury XF with just 14K on the clock. Boy am I pleased with the decsion.
Picked the car up Saturday and cannot stop driving it, even the kids have found reasons to come home to have a ride and try and persuade me to let them have a drive, such is the allure of the Jag!
Would like to explore having the car remapped, as I did for the Rover, as I do 30K+ per annum and the additional fuel return is very welcome, not withstanding the extra oomph when you occasionally need it. Any recomendations as to who I should talk too?
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Hi. Welcome to the forum and good choice with the car. I believe several on here have had remapping done on thier 2.7 diesels so you should get some advice very soon. :)
Welcome to the forum Paul, there are some members on here who remap the 2.7 and have got more HP and torque plus MPG improved, one of the more knowledgeable members is Martin Rowe, but he lives up north, prices seem to be around £250-300. Enjoy
Thank you for your welcome. Will let the forum members know how I get on with the remapping and the difference it makes
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