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I have just had 2 new tyres fitted on the rear of my s type 3.0 2005,72,000 miles and took it out yesterday on the motorway for first time,when braking from speed,(70 mph of course), there was a really bad vibration coming through the steering. I had a little vibration under braking before the new tyres were fitted(maybe new discs) and i had the discs skimmed 2,000 miles ago which cured the vibration for a while but it returned after probably 1500 miles. My question is, should all the wheels be re- alligned /re balanced after fitting new tyres and why when fitting tyres to the rear ,should the vibration be worse. Would non allignement cause a vibration
Any advice appreciated
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Vibration through the steering wheel usually points to the front wheels. Vibration through the body/seat points backwards. I would first check the the front disc are OK to be honest, even though your most recent change is at the back. Also see if you get a a vibration when using the handbrake only - but I guess that is hard with the electro-mechanical brake :(
Are you getting any pump back through the brake pedal when slowing. Sounds like discs need replaced. Replaced mine 5 yrs ago with EBC ultimax. Although you then get around 20k from the Red Stuff pads, but the brakes are superb.
thanks for the replies,i do get a little pump back from the pedal. i have just come back in and although i didnt use any motorways today i did get up to around 70 mph and the vibration didnt seem half as bad as yesterday although it was still there . yesterday i was using duel carriage ways followed by fairly heavy braking on roundabouts etc,would the vibration get worse as the discs get hotter
Did you bed the pads in correctly when you changed them?
not had the pads done barney,just rear tyres
I thought you skimmed the discs and therefore changed the pads 2000 miles ago?
Vibration should not really change much with temperature but you may have some rusty patches on the discs from sitting wet - look for pad-shaped patches. These patches have a different roughness and grab the pad. If you are lucky and they are not deep, these will clear away with some concentrated heavy use :) Worth a try anyway.

I have noticed the same on mine but have not had a chance to look into it further, (but I have a spare set of discs and pads waiting). Bit disappointed as I'm using Redstuff ceramic pads which I hoped would reduce this type of corrosion. The backs were also squeaking a little which has been a sign that they are sticking somewhere and on removing one, I see that the backing plates of the pads are sharp and are digging into the caliper carrier and damaging them. I have never seen this happen before :(

The jury is definitely out on EBC stuff, especially after a rather weak result at the "MOT"! Back to products with a track record I guess.
Should have renewed pads and discs, cheaper in the long run.
I had the front skimmed barney but garage said pads were fine, yes merlin you are probably right , i think i will just get new disks and see if that cures it,next problem,which discs (make) do i go for i think mine are the odd sized 326 mm and for peace of mind i will change pads as well
Mintex are reasonably priced, and lots of members recommend EBC redstuff but you must make sure you follow the correct braking procedure to bed them in otherwise you may get the vibration back also ensure you clean off the hub so the disc sits flat and true even a small amount of dirt or rust left on the hub between that and the disc will cause run out and you will feel that on the pedal
thanks barney,off to do some homework on e- bay and try and find the correct pads
Fitted my second set of redstuff, and am still on ebc ultimax discs after 5 yrs with very little wear. Fitted new pads about 2 weeks ago and have run in fine. Great pedal and great braking force throughout the pedal range.
Never had an issue with EBC in the 20 yrs i have fitted them to mine and others cars. But it's personal preference as it depends what level of stopping power you may need.
Hope you get sorted.
Have bought a set of Mintex 326mm discs for mine too due to slight vibration when braking at high speed (hoping due to the std Jag discs)
hi buck,
where did you get your discs from and what was the cost(if you dont mind me asking)
The Jag parts supplier I use also sells Mintex as well so they looked up the Jag part number online via Jaguars ordering system and cross referenced them to the Mintex numbers.
Unfortunately they were more expensive than I could find after searching online.
Ended up getting the fronts from here JAGUAR S-TYPE 2.7 D 152KW 04- FRONT MINTEX BRAKE DISCS MDC1879 | eBay
All inc Vat delivered £67.64
The 326mm rears arent as wide and are only £45 the pair inc VAT delivered
Car Parts | MINTEX BRAKE DISC BRAKE DISC Jaguar XF; XJ 08> R MDC1937 (1375730)=
thanks buck,
followed the link to e bay,apparently these arnt compatible with mine (3.0) although mine are 326 mm as well so will e mail them for correct ones
The ones I bought from him were listed as for a 2.7 XF which he also thought might be incompatible with mine.I had to tell him I wouldn't be sending them back if they were wrong :-/ but I knew they were the correct ones from the dimensions and part number
Thanks for your help buck,
followed your advice and got my discs/pads from A-Z carparts wakefield.They had to call me back after checking my reg no etc.Ended up the same as yours MDC1879 and pads MDB2944,Great service ordered them Friday and they turned up Monday morning. All in £117.42. I was going to fit them myself but with it still chucking it down asked my local(and only) garage and he fitted them for £50.00,a bargain i thought. Drove it tonight and its like driving a Jag again, what a difference.
Happy days!!
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