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Voice Module

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Hi Guys

Just had all my boot trim out and the CDC, DVD rack out to check the wiring for bluetooth and voice modules etc and I found that I have the wiring for phone (not sure if bluetooth or GSM), voice and premium sound. There was also a D2B fibre optic cable with a looped D2B cable plugged into it with a tag that said "phone/voice", did the GSM phone module use the D2B fibre optic network?

There were 2 extra cables wrapped up with the big grey phone connector, one looked like an aerial connector round and made of brass, the other was a little grey connector plug with what looked like an old stereo optical connector inside it. but I do have eight wires at the red/black connector under the centre console, so this makes me think I'm pre-wired for Bluetooth (2002.50MY facelift model). Even if it's not pre-wired for Bluetooth I can always move the pins around to suit the Bluetooth layout.

Having followed the wiring diagrams on my iPad whilst at the car all the wiring and connectors are there ready and waiting.

Can anyone confirm that the voice modules are interchangeable between both X & S Types (think I know the answer, but want to make sure)


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The voice and phone modules, are interchangeable between X, S and XJ. All the modules in the boot use the d2b network, thats how they communicate with each other. Bluetooth came out on Jaguars in 2005.5MY, so 55 plate onwards will be bluetooth compatiable. You'll more than likely have to re-pin the red/black plug in the centre console for the bluetooth module. Make sure you get the correct phone module, must end in AC or above, as GSM phone modules are not compatiable with bluetooth.
Thanks Ian, I thought as much so I'd a more thorough search of the forum and found a post from big bear explaining the luetooth pin outs and what pins to swap around at both the PSE and BTUM, so once I get paid end of the month I'll buy the PSE and a mic from eurojags and get fitting.

I take it the pin out numbers are from the cable side of the connectors and start in the top left with number 1? :confused:

At least I know I can retrofit voice and premium sound too in the future. :):p:)

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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