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Wandering SatNav. Please help before I kill someone!!

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Recently had the satnav retrofit installed in the car by another fourm user. He did a great job and it works fine.


The nav unit keeps veering away from the road when I turn a corner and takes ages to find the road again, sometimes making me miss turnings etc.

Last night I set off from edinburgh to my home (about an hour away) and we were half an hour down the road before it realised what road we were on!!

any ideas? I have positioned the antenaa on the window ledge because my car is an estate.

please help, as I`m away round Europe on Thursday and I don`t really want to get lost!!
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Sounds like dodgy GPS reception. Do you have a satellite symbol (small icon of things going round a planet - looks a bit like the pictures of atoms you used to get at school) in the top left of the display?
Yeah thats always there...

Does that mean I have a signal, or that I do not?
If you can see the icon it means that there is no signal, eg as you go through a tunnel the icon will appear but then disappear when you come out the other side.
Yours sounds like it isn't receiving GPS at all (or intermittantly) and relying only on gyro/wheel rotation data...
The symbol means that the device can't get a fix. Mine gets that symbol when it's in the garage (brick walls & tile roof blocking the signal). Out and about, it goes away. It may be as simple as the connection to the aerial, or you may need to reposition it. My 2006 saloon has no "shark fin" on the roof, so it must work with the aerial inside the car, but maybe you'll need to move yours around a bit.
Right well that is certainly helpful. Perhaps then my antenna is faulty?
Right, I`ve been and moved the antenna to outside the boot window hatch (it`s an estate) as a temporary test measure and the nav works perfectly. So presumably it`s merely the positioning of the antenna that is at fault.

Does anyone know where the antenna is mounted on the estate please? pics if possible!
Its inside the plastic spoiler at the top of the tailgate...
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