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want to love my x type but..

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Hi, I'm about 4 weeks into x type ownership and must confess to being a bit disappointed. I've been driving diesel cars for at least 15 years and I'm finding my 2.0D engine noisy at idle and lacking power through the gears (I'm having to change gear quite often and a change down can slow the car down rapidly). I've just changed from a Rover 75 with the same engine size (less bhp?) and that pulled so well I rarely had to change gear.

I've been reading all I can on the forum and lots of newbies are really happy so I guess I've got a few problems to sort!

I am aware that the pulley guide can make the noisy 'tractor' idle but I think my injectors are noisy too. I hope a re-code will sort that out. I also think I'm getting the hot start issue as well.

The performance can be a bit random too as can run really really well (feels like it's floating and the steering is nice and light), then it can feel like it is holding back and the steering gets heavy too:confused:

Having said all that, when it works well, it is a real joy to drive - I think it's going to be my best car ever when I can sort out the niggles :D

Any advise/re-assurance welcome.

ps no smoke to speak of when accelerating
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I'm lucky enough to have occasional access to a high mileage X-Type Diesel which pulls like a train. The owner has used something called 'Diesel Magic' in it which apparently helps clean the injectors. Dunno if that may be worth giving a try to see if it improves your power delivery?
Thanks for the reply. I've been scouring the area to find the 'better' diesels as they are supposed to contain additives - only found garages who do the better unleaded so far. I may look into getting diesel magic and see if it helps (I have spent silly money on injectors in the last year on a low mileage Clio so hoping the Jag ones just need TLC). do you think Halfords will sell it?

In fairness, I think the idle is a bit better after a month of ownership as I do about 500 miles a week and the mpg has gone from 43 to 45.....
Not sure but I think my power steering is beginning to have problems. On start up yesterday the steering made loud groaning noises when I first turned the wheel. It soon went but It seems to have done it to a greater or lesser extent since but only at start up......

Does anyone have any thoughts about this and my other questions?
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