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Warranties worth three eighths of bugger all.

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So it was three weeks ago I got into my Range Rover Sport. Three years and three months old, 24,000 miles and it leaks. Drip on drivers door and nearside passenger door. I left it for a while thinking maybe I'd not shut the door even though it's self closing. Much rain the other night and there it was again. I called JLR customer service who kindly put me through to a company call Car Care Plan who, apparently, run the warranty service for JLR. Spoke to a nice guy who told me 'Water ingress isn't covered on the two years warranty I got with the car, only mechanical or electrical faults'. 'So' said I, 'If water ingress causes an electrical fault that results in a mechanical breakdown, am I covered for that?'. 'I'm not sure sir, but your current problem isn't, sorry'. Now if this wasn't a 'prestigious' vehicle I would be miffed water ingress wasn't covered, but for pity's sake it's a £70k car new. So it's off to my local LR specialist for advice.
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Re-locate to the Algarve,it's not rained here for months!

That's it in a nutshell bud, they try very hard to weasel out of any claim even when the bits are covered.

I'm sorry you are having to go through it. Hopefully others seeking advice will see this.

I would take out a small claims court case if you don't succeed.

As you say, it's not a cheap piece of tin and plastic, it's an expensive one.

On the bright side it may just be the latches aren't snugged up, it's just 5 minutes each door to adjust them.

Of course any DIY work or non-approved mechie will invalidate the "Warranty"!

How our dream cars turn into sow's ears sometimes.

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Just seen it Jim. Adds to the thought process.
Don't go to JLR customer service, take it back to where you got it and get them to sort it.

Don't go to JLR customer service, take it back to where you got it and get them to sort it.
Agreed. It's still covered by the CRA, assuming it was bought from a dealer.
Dealer is in Nottingham, I'm 100 miles away. An adjustment was made at a local JLR approved specialist and, so far so good. It still grates though.
Right, if it's bought from a dealer the Consumer Rights Act gives up to 6 months for claims to be resolved by the seller.

In our experience Jaguar Customer Relationship Centre "can't put pressure on dealers" but will investigate cases.

Sometimes the fact of being contacted by CRC might cause some softer dealers to cooperate.

Not nice being treated poorly in the first instance after just buying an expensive car though.

Passing it on to a third party also distances the seller so they feel less of an obligation to assist.

Probably none! Because they would get paid for any repair too!

Irresponsible and Unaccountable.

Yet we were taught to be the opposite. Responsible and Accountable.

Yes it does grate.

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That Suzuki Alto I bought was supposedly under manufacturers warranty as it was a month off two years old. I bought it from a Suzuki dealer so you would expect everything to be OK. When I read the blurb about the warranty it said there must be a comprehensive schedule of the work carried out at the approved services if not done by Suzuki. No such schedules were supplied. Also when I looked into the garage on the stamp in the service book I could find no evidence of their existence. So was I sold a car with an invalidated warranty? I don't know I since sold it on so not my worry. Prior to that I'm not sure if I have ever had one of these second hand car warranties with a car. I have usually bought much older cars and taken pot luck, but I know they are a joke.
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