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What is This Part?

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I hope someone can help. As I was driving I felt something hit my foot and discovered it was a knob like object.
It is black, cylindrical, 40mm in dia, 40mm long (including a sprung cylindrical protusion with 2 "wings" and a circlip 15mm dia and 10mm long which clicks when pressed and has engraved on it: "JAGUAR 3W83-9816-AB, ITW 92-900041 PA66".
I would have added a photo but could see no way of doing so
Thanks in advance.
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My wild guess.... cruise control brake switch ?
Thanks for the suggestion Litho it got me looking in the right area, its the kickdown switch. Im not use to these modern cars, my others have cable controlled kickdown.
yeah, should be two spade connectors.
and then it fits onto a thread and you turn it 1/4 of a turn
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