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Wheel nut key missing

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I have just bought an 03 reg S-Type but I can't find the locking wheel nut key. I don't think the dealer checked it before selling me the car and I forgot all about it as well until now. Is there a particular place in the car where this might be stowed?
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Mine was in the foam protector inside the spare wheel, it has it's own cut out in the foam.

Unless the dealer can prove otherwise via a checklist that it was there when you bought the car then they are obliged to provide you with a new one.

Go back to the dealer and ask them to order you a new one on next day delivery as you might need it ASAP.

It might also be in the glove box.
Urk, I hadn't even thought of that - I'd better see if mine's there!
Well it turns out that locking wheel nuts aren't actually fitted. The dealer told me I could just undo them with my fingers and sure enough, I could! :eek: Getting some ordinary nuts to replace these odd ones now.
What exactly do you mean, you can undo them with your fingers? Ordinary nuts or what? If I had nuts I could undo with my fingers I would be a tad scared and I think I would be asking said dealer to supply real locking nuts.
As I said. The others were tight so there wasn't really a safety problem. It was just an oversight. The wheels had been refurbished and the company who did it neglected to tell the dealer and we both forgot to check. It's all sorted now.
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