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Wheel vibration

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I have a 2007 XJ8 with 3.6 litre its done 82,000 miles; at about 50 until 60mph i am getting steering wheel judder.

I have had balance checked (perfect) also rims checked for damage (perfect). My man says it could be a tyre problem, "try replacing them" . On checking, the tyres are the original supplied (Pirelli zero) and yes they do need replacing anyway.

My question is what else could be causing this.

thanks in advance for any advise
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Maybe it's the discs, but replace tyres first if worn enough.
I had more general vibration. One tyre inevenly worn but the cause of that was play in the front suspension. Replacing arms helped a lot and tightened up the steering nicely. still not quite right but may need tyre replacements to improve. Just a thought because i was looking at tyres and balance.
If you swap the front and rear wheels and the shake is eliminated you know it was your front tyres/front wheels.
The speeds you mention when you get the vibration is classic wheels out of balance, but if the wheels are balanced, I would say you have excessive play in your suspension.
I would take it to someone who does MOT's since they have experience of testing joints.
Hi, well i have changed all then wheels around, back to front and it seems to have solved the problem, I have read somewhere on the formum that the brushes should be replaced every 30,000 or so. does anybody have any advise on this and where to buy a full set.

I am currently in Azerbaijan and yesterday had to have the annual Azeri version of an MOT, cost approx PDS80.00. It took 1 minute :) just checked the VIN number was the same as log book. Maybe i will have to take to offical Jag dealer here to get it really checked.
It depends on whether the bushes are worn but that isnt many miles for bushes to do
Also now that you have swapped the front and rears it may mean it was the tyres or that the original rears now on the front were balanced correctly and the ones on the front that were shaking werent (balanced correctly).
Hi Guys

I have just had my wheels tracked and balanced but a high performance place and cost me £140. After doing this there is still a vibration and a slight pull to the left.

When i took the car back to the place where i got the tracking and balancing from, they advised that the discs could be worpedbut they couldnt check them as the bushes on the wishebones have gone and they think this could be the problem.

my question is, does anyone think this is right and then can i buy just the bushes or do i have to buy the whole wishebone???
The car needs to have the correct loading when it's tracking is done...... including a fuel tank 75% full. Mines in next weekend to get the front discs I bought fitted and tracking redone as it didn't have 3/4 tank of fuel when it was last done and the front LH tyre is wearing on the inside.All bushes are OK upfront.
i didnt know that the car had to have the tank 75% full.

Why is this and how come it is not in any literature if you dont mind me asking???
Pretty sure its in the tech manual for dealers.I think its something to do with the air suspension ht affecting geom settings but will check when I get home unless someone else gives the reason first.
There is a setting the IDS/SDD called "Pre-Geometry" which levels the air suspension, in order to set the tracking.
No mention about fuel load, but back in the old days they used to say that there should be someone sitting in the drivers seat when the tracking is set.
But I never saw anything in a tech manual, not that I have them all...
Nice to know then thanks. when i get the wishbones bushes done ill top up then get them done again.
Struggling to find where it says about the 75% fuel load but have read it somewhere Im sure in one of the guides
Did find these though while looking through the pdf tech guides but these just relate to ride height


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So far I haven't been able to get rid of vibrations in the range of 80-110 kph, despite that besides balancing, I always go for balancing the wheels on the car, which should cover for discs, hubs, etc. Just lately I learned about the so called 'loaded roller' diagnostics. It's shown in the first part of this commercial:

Wheel balancing - Solves vibration problems that standard balancers won't fix! - YouTube

I had that done, turns out that one of my new Pirellis is way out of band, according to my tyre service I should have no problem with having them exchanged in the course of a complaint and finally solve the problem. I'll keep you posted. Sorry if you native speakers use different wording for the above.
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