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Where is air filter?

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I purchased a new air filter for my XK but can't seem to locate where the housing is located in the engine compartment. A little help would be appreciated. Thanks
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I think it's located in the forward L.H. wing/fender. The wheel arch liner needs to be removed to access it.
The XKR has one on each side. Great design, huh...?
How many lungs do you have? ;)
Hope you have a ramp or a pit in your garage! Seems like what is an easy job on most other cars is a pain in the backside with the XK/XKR.
I'm sure the air filter is on the passenger side of the engine bay, just requires the removal of the plastic trim. Unless this is the cabin filter?

After checking it is the cabin air filter in the engine bay :-(
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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