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Where to buy d2b cables ?

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I was wondering if any body knows where to buy 2nd hand d2b cables from ? i need a 5 way d2b piggy back cable for my 08 sovereign with the alpine premier sound system to connect jaguar voice,telephone,dvd/multi changer cd and amp modules. have tried ebay
So if any one can help i would be gratefull


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Why don't you just modify your own, buy the extra connectors you need and then add them to your existing one. It's very easy to take apart, just remember to get the fibre optic cables the right way for all modules to work. Will save you a fortune, that's what I did, because I also now have all the modules on the d2b network.
Hi Ian
Thanks for the reply, Where would i be able to get the parts required ? Also is it really that easy to do it yourself as i have no experiance with fibre optics .

Yes it's very easy, I'd refer you to the how to guides, but the links are all STILL down.

Just look on ebay for however many connectors you need. So if you're adding say 2 modules, you'd buy a cable to give you a total of 6 connectors, 5 modules and the return cable back to the front of the car.

cabin -> CDC -> phone -> voice -> navigation -> amplifier -> cabin

The fibre optic (d2b) cable goes from the head unit into the boot
The first module it connects to is the CD changer.
Next it goes from the CD changer to the phone module.
Then from the phone module to the voice module.
Then from the voice module to the Nav control module.
then from the Nav control module to the amp.
and from the amp back to the head unit to complete the loop.
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So can i buy the cable already made up or would i have to buy the plugs and cable seperatly and make them up my self ? sorry if i'm being dim but as i say i have no idea when it comes to fibre optics

hi steve you could buy single or multiple plug ready made link cables and adapt them yourself. i retrofitted a cd changer into my car that only had the bluetooth module in, i just bought another cable and made the correct link myself( couldnt get the proper number of links without going to the dealer). it is possible to do as long as you link in the right order just take your time and be patient.

This is the link for ow to splice and join in new d2b cables. This should help you with how to adapt your d2b network.

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