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Where to find a reliable x350 V6 Yaw sensor and DCS module? Recommendations please

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My x350 V6 2003 throws up intermittent DSC faults. My dealer, with some help from Jag, believe it is EITHER the Yaw sensor OR DSC module. However they need it in fault state to determine which, and it is an intermittent fault. (arghhh!)

Unfortunately new prices are £211for the Yaw sensor and £475 for the DSC module (plus VAT plus fitting)!!!

An alternative is to replace each module with a reliable second hand one, so I am looking for sources (guaranteed or re-conditioned ideally).

The parts numbers (from my dealer) are:

JAC2C 26939 - D.S.C MODULE


Can anyone recommend a reliable (and cheap) source please?

Also I think the Yaw sensor may have another part number (ones on ebay show a ford branded item) which is 2M5T-14B296-AC. Does anyone know if this is correct?

Many thanks

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What can I say? Jag dealer, having conversation with Jaguar themselves to diagnose the fault. Need it to be in fault state again to get to bottom of problem. But fault is intermittant.

I can only presume they have looked at that and eliminated it.

Perhaps solution is replace all sensors?

Perhaps solution is replace whole car?

Depressed ;-(
All dealers have the same retail prices as these are set by Jaguar.
Once ordered the dealer buys parts from Jaguar and pays (depending on type of part (panel/electrical/accessory/etc etc)as to discount they get) RRP less a set discount from a matrix table (often between 25%-30%).
These are sold at RRP to the public (which helps cover their admin/staff/expensive council rates/etc etc)
Trade buyers (depending on how much they spend with them) typically get parts for 20% less than RRP or a dealer may give 10% to the public depending on which dealer,age of your car eg over 3 yrs old (Jaguar Allegiance?).
If you remove the JA from both part numbers you could google the correct numbers which both start "C2C" but for a new part you are going to be looking at RRP direct from any retailer.
If it were me I wouldnt be paying RRP for a part which you're not sure if it is going to fix the concern.
I would be getting good used parts.
Places like Eurojag sell used with guarantees AFAIK and you would save a fortune.
If it doesnt fix it you can resell on ebay to recover (most if not all of)your outlay, a new one once connected/fitted will devalue like a stone so only be worth what a good used one bought in the first place is worth.
Both dealer items being electrical will likely be special order meaning non-returnable.
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