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Which Pads for X350 Super v8 2003 : 50% Off Brakes & Pads @EuroCarparts

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Hi All / Ashanti

What brake system is present in a 2003 Super V8 X350?
I cant find my blooming books for the car I don't know where I've stashed them!!

There is a 50% Off pads and Brakes on ECP. But its only till 9PM

I need some rear pads - At 50% off a decent set are a steal!

Use code FLASH50
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Act in haste, repent at leisure.

That said take your time, there will be other ECP flash sales, there always is.

Unless the pads are so shot you have metal on metal, a few days doing your research will not harm.

You will either have Brembo or ATE calipers, you may also have a separate caliper for the hand brake, my 2005 doesn't.

Mine are ATE calipers on 355mm front and 326mm rear discs.

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Act in haste, repent at leisure.

That says it all. Thanks Ashanti , always on the button you are! :)

Think ill spend more time finding my books etc which should tell me
My 2004 Super V8 has Brembo all round
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