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Won't Start

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2003 XJ8 won't start. Got code p1230 fuel pump relay fault. Tried different relays to no avail. If I jump between terminal 30 and 87 the pump will start and I can start the car. Is this an ECM problem, in that the ECM is not telling the relay to energize. The car had been running great and then just would not start. unless I jump the relay. Any help would be appreciated.
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Could be wiring fault between relay and ecu
Check fuse 1 (5amp) in front power distribution fuse box as this is the ignition live to the relay.

Thanks for the help guys, but this was a problem of my own making. When I replaced the left heal board cover I disturbed the ignition positive relay, causing no relay action. Got an on line manual and followed there trouble shooting guide. Pin 1 and ground in the fuel pump relay was to read 10 volts or more. Had almost no voltage. This circuit includes the trunk fuse box, fuse 16 of the left hand heal board fuse box, the ignition positive relay and the high power protection module. That's were I found the fault. Got 12 volts between pin 1 and ground. Starts right up. Nothing like proper research and proper trouble shooting. Thank you again for your help.
Glad you solved it. Thanks for the update

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