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Worth Joining AA/JEC for Insurance Purposes?

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Hi All,

Since some toerag set my Jags on fire, I'm getting eye-wateringly high insurance quotes for my next ride and I'm looking for wany way to lower it. (I'm already going down to Third Party Fire and Theft instead of Fully Comp).

I've noticed a lot of places ask if you're a member of any motoring clubs etc, and i assume it affects your quote if you say that you are. So I'm wondering if it's worth signing up for the Jaguar Owner's Club (Something I've been thinking about for a while anyway) and the AA (probably worth it as i'm going to do a bit of distance driving in the next few years) to bring down my quotes.

Currently I'm looking at at least £950 to insure a Daimler Six, which is a bit of a shock after previously paying only about £500~!
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Jaguar Enthusiasts Club.

Though most companies will give a 10-15% discount for being a member of JEC, JDC, XJS Club etc.
Hi, I got quotes online and then went to Chris Knott a forum sponsor. They then took my quote and negotiated a further discount....
Being a Club member, I found, makes no difference at all with insurance as I don't recall being asked. Some dealers give discount on spares. Changed over to Chris Knott last month who found me the best deal, £437 for a 2007 XJR.
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