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X misfiring on Bank 1 on Petrol but not on LPG

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Hi everyone.
Long time reader first time poster (in this face-lifted forum ) :)

I´ve been reading a lot of posts regarding misfires on the X-type and I learned a lot thanks to you guys, but apparently not enough .
My X is misfiring on odd cylinders (sometimes 5, other times 1 and 3 ....), so I changed some parts that you guys sugested that could be the cause of the problem (IMT O-Rings, brake booster vacuum hose, breather hose for the intake manifold) but unfortunately it did not work
My car is not a "normal" jag, because I had it converted to run on LPG several years ago.
The thing that gets me confused is that when I change to run on LPG it runs great, but misfires on petrol.
Knowing this, I think I can discard plugs and coils because if they were the culprits it would run even worse on LPG.
Can any of the experts here help with this (un)common problem

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Its worth checking the wiring from your petrol injectors back to the gas ecu for any breaks damage etc possibly heat damage depending upon the route used for the loom.
Can I ask those who use LPG if an average 23 MPG is what you get from the message centre? This is for town driving in a 3 Litre X Type.
Thanks Big Bear for your suggestion. That is going to be my next step (checking all the cables ......). I know there is a common wire for the bank 1 injectors but I do not remember the color. Can it be yellow/green ????.
My installer also said that it could be the injector emulator, but he finds strange that only one bank fails.

I noticed that you had your cat converted too. what kit are you using (i´m using prins). You had to put a petrol return pipe, or have you used an emulator for the petrol pressure?

Santer: I think the message center does not give an accurate LPG consumption but rather a petrol one (he thinks).
23 MPG is VERY good for 3.0 LPG Jag. mine does 14.5 l/100Km

Thanks for the reply amcastro1
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