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X-Type 2.2D Sport - Turbo charger failure or Blown intercooler - any ideas on cost!!!

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While accelerating away from a roundabout heard a low 'bang' from engine and a serious loss of power from car. Managed to drive home(slowly) with intermittent loss of power. Had it to local mechanic and he thinks it is either the turbo or an intercooler pipe has blown?? There are no warning lights showing on dash but obviously something wrong. Car is on an '06 plate with around 90K on the clock. Any suggestions or anyone experienced similar problem would be good to hear from you reagrding what sort of bill I could expect.
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Check all the flexible hoses first. I had exactly the same happen to me and it turned out that the flexi pipe under the egr had popped off. If no pipes have obviously blown, take the flexi pipes off and check for splits as when fitted and not under pressure the splits are hard to find.

If you're very lucky (and your local mechanic is strait) then it could be as cheap as a new new jubilee clip, a few quid plus labor. They are prone to rust and just snap allowing the pipe to pop off when it gets some pressure in it. The next step is a split intercooler hose, not cheap at around £80 but nothing too bad and simple to replace. At the end of the scale, if it's the turbo you're talking a lot of cash, £600 and upwards. The good news is it sounds like one of the former.
Hi Stobbsy69,

Agreed with Peteski -Most if not all diesel x type owners have had a problem with the intercooler hose, either the clips or the hose itself, mine happened on the M6 loud loud bang & loss of power plus a whooshing noise when you try to accelerate. If those are your symptoms my money's on the pipe!
Fingers crossed for you ..
Thanks for replies guys, it was as you all suggested, a rusted jubliee clip on the hose to intercooler. Garage sorted it for £40
exactly what happened to mine back in January. £5 clip that was it.
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