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X-Type ABS Issue - No Warning Light

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Hi Guys & Gals,

Car went for MOT and failed as the ABS light is not illuminating.

Never noticed before but never really taken any notice!

One thing to note is that the ABS does randomly come on and off now and again.

You can be slowly braking and the tell tale sign of grating and juddery brake pedal.

I have taken the car to two garages now and neither seem able to resolve the issue or even have an idea as to what is happening.

The thought of Bulb being removed/disconnected etc is not the issue I don't think as I had it MOT'd last year without problem.

The latest garage linked to a computer but said that they were not getting any feedback!?

They were going to pin out each item to try and find which was not functioning.

Is this common? Has anyone else experienced it? Could do with resolving as it is doing my nut..

Thanks in advance for any help or pointers.


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You can check the bulb by pushing in the trip button on the side of the stalk whilst turning the key to 2nd ignition, cycle through the modes and one of them lights up all the instrument panel. Check to see if the abs bulb is lighting up.

ABS codes really need to be read by either a Jaguar specialist or dealer.
Hi, Car has been into Jaguar and only issue found was a Front Wheel Sensor which has been repaired and now the error code has gone away. The Dash Light however does not illuminiate still. I have done the bulb check as advised by Ian above and the ABS light does not illuminate. The fuse has been checked and is OK.

Could the bulb have been removed? How can I check?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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