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X Type ABS Warning Light

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I have the opposite problem to Wombleman, my ABS light comes on on the bulb check, but it doesn't go out! It did this spasmodically a few weeks ago but switching ignition on and off cured this. The car had a 60k service and Mot with no problems about 3 weeks ago. Yesterday I had a 30 mile round trip and the abs warning (amber) was on the whole trip. Did stop the engine 2 or 3 times when safe and restarted but the light stayed on. Any ideas or should I play safe and drop it in at the dealers?

Also (whilst I'm at it) on checking the bulb check I noticed that the cruise control light didn't come on. Cruise control is not something I've tried so went out to give it a go. Nothing, nada, zilch, zip, bugger all. No light, no cruise control. Any suggestions welcome please.

Finally, I hope, the original invoice from new shows a rear window blind, the guy I bought it from said it had a rear window blind. I can't find it or the "lugs" it's supposed to hang on.
However I'm the guy who spent 10 minutes in Tescos car park trying to work out how the rear wash wipe worked..........:oops:
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Hi Geoff
It looks like a problem somewhere in your ABS system which is probably why your cruise isnt working either (cruise wont work if problem with the ABS/braking/some other faults).
Often on AWD models its a rear wheel reluctor ring which corrodes and falls off but that tends to show BOTH the ABS and MIL lamps.
Your brake system will still function but without ABS.
To determine the fault you will need to get the codes read.

There must be some Jag specialists near you to save using a dealer....the forums Jagfix is in Doncaster if thats not too far or Victor is in Dewsbury so he may know a place for your codes.
Also check out the Jaguar Maintenance and Service section where probly every specialist in the country is listed
Just had a look in the Jaguar Maintenance and Service section and there is one on the first page one or two have used in Wakefield...
Cheers for that. They are N&S Services. Used them for a 60k service and Mot last month. £250.09. Excellent job, good people. Will pop over next week and see what they say. As you clearly explained (thank you) this could revive two birds with one stone! (or something like that!!)

They might be able to throw some light on the vanishing window blind as well!!:D

Thanks again
Just sorted the missing window blind, it is an option but NOT with the premium sound system, so it couldn't have been fitted in the first place!!:rolleyes:
I agree with Buck it is most probably an abs reluctor ring which has rusted off. Had 3 x types now and all 3 of them i've had to do the rings at some point.

Regarding the window blind, which i didn't even know was a option, can this be retrofitted? And on X's with this feature, where is this switch usually located?

Hi Ryan, the rear window blind is shown as an option in the original release brochure but it is manual operation and can't be added with a Bose premium sound system.
Any idea how much it costs to have the reluctor ring replaced? I am reluctor to spend a lot (sorry)
Mine was £148 inc part and labour (comes as part of then outer CV joint from Jag).
It may not be this as said the reluctor ring usually brings on 2 dash lights by now
GeoffL Thanks. Manual operation in a Jag? Pffft! Now i'm not lazy but that sounds like effort!! Too bad cos i have premium sound anyway even tho it is useless when you have a 1000w sub in the boot!

I got my reluctor rings off for under £15 posted each, but you can get a deal if you buy 2 at once, you might as well because no doubt the other side will be ready to go soon anyway...

As Buck says, you should get a mil light on with the abs to show you theres a problem. Is it on? More importantly, does the light come on when you power up the car so you know it definately works? Normally you would get the codes read to see which is the offending side...

Ok, I'm not too proud to show my ignorance, what (and where) is a mil light??
MIL = Malfunction Indicator Light (check engine light)
Its the yellow engine light on the dash close to the ABS light your car is showing.
Just taken her in for her bumps feeling or her codes read or something, N/S/F Reluctor dried out and O/S/F ABS Sensor and lead kaput. Ringing me with estimate, (that always sounds ominous) Also I did notice, but forgot to mention to them that the MIL doesn't come on at all, not even on bulb check!

Thinking of having leaper fitted at same time as ABS. Are the ones on Fleabay any good?
Just got price estimate, Sensor and lead £150, CV joint £230 all supplied fitted and including vat. I am not a DIY person more like a GSE (Get someone else) type person ! So I'll probably go ahead with them as I have used them before and found them very satisfactory. At least now the diagnosis is done
There are no reluctor rings on the front!The front sensor lead is an item that my local dealer sells a few of as the insulation wears causing the wiring to short as it goes under the wing..... the lead is around a tenner
At least now you have a rough idea whats up! £250 for a few sensors and fitting seems a little high tho! More importantly, wonder why your mil light doesn't work?
Obvious reason is that it may have been removed to hide a fault and get more on p/ex perhaps?
Will query the reluctor ring, I may have mis heard what he said. Definitely said the reluctor ring was part of the CV joint and could not be replaced seperately. Also said the Abs sensor on the other side was duff and needed replacing and also the lead. They had had a sensor in for another job but had sent it back to the supplier.

No comment was made on the mil but in fairness I didn't mention it, but I will do.
Obvious reason is that it may have been removed to hide a fault and get more on p/ex perhaps?
My first thought! Cynical bunch aren't we!!!
As jagryan85 said earlier on the post reluctor rings can be bought seperatley from aftermarket sources. Jaguar do not sell reluctor rings seperatly, they need to be bought from dealers as part of the outer cv joint.
My first thought! Cynical bunch aren't we!!!
Some silly melon painted over my abs and mil light when i bought my car, they must of been desperate because the colour match was identical - didn't even realise til i got home! Would of taken less effort just to fix the 1 reluctor ring!!
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