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x type diesel smoke on cold start up for 10 seconds

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Hi there, can anybody help me with my problem,
I have a 2005 2.0l x type diesel,
when I first start it in the morning it starts to smoke and smells real bad of diesel this only lasts for about 10 seconds or so then stops.
the car is a bit lumpy at low revs up to about 2000 rpm, I seem to have good power,
I have taken it in to find out what the problem is and i was told the injectors are dirty, the same people put some recon injectors in and all was good other than the 850 bill, 4 weeks later the same problem, I took it back 4 time and they have told me the injectors are fine, the last time it went in they told me there are small metal in the injectors and that they are stopping the injectors closing when shut off, meaning fuel is dripping in to the pot over night meaning it will smoke on start up.
They told me the metal parts are coming from the pump breaking up, so probably i did not need the injectors just a good clean and a new pump.

can anybody throw a bit of light on my problem????
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I am not a mechanic but I have had diesel cars for years,and they all gave out a bit of smoke on cold start up for a few seconds. And there was nothing wrong with them,most had over 100,000 miles on them when sold never have replaced any injectors or pumps.
Not sure about bits of metal from the pump though,someone more knowledgeable will be able to answer that soon I'm sure.

hi darren, diesel fuel systems are pressurised all the time so if the fuel system has some dirt in it this will block the injectors and stop them working, not keep them open. you havent said how many miles are on the car or what the past servicing has been. personally i would say the garage that you are taking your car to is trying to get as much money out of you as possible, you might want to consider taking it somewhere else for another opinion preferably a diesel specialist. if you post more info on servicing and mileage covered someone might be able to point you in the right direction to get your problem solved, but i must admit it is a strange problem that ive never encountered with any of my previous diesel cars which all had over 100,000 miles on.
Darren, Look at the post re use of 2 stroke oil in the diesel,one member said it cured his problem with unburnt diesel at start up.
Darren, Sorry to read about recent problem & cost, not cheap that. Link below might help, Click on engine problems (panel on left) Displays probable causes of black smoke & other diesel engine problems.

Lubrication can be cause of some diesel fuel pump failures. To improve lubrication for pump & injectors we use Fortron additive once a year, fill up with BP Ultimate every other tankful. Many swear by the BG Diesel additive, I understand the US Forces use it. I am curious to know why? Have they have done research on this?

Others believe more expensive good quality fuel & diesel additive's are a waste of money & they may be right I'm no expert, many of them are vastly more knowledgeable than me.
We would rather pay a little extra now & again just in case. Suppose it's the same reason that you insure your house contents, you pays your money & takes your chances.

If fuel pump is problem this explains more,
"Diesel fuel lubricity is a measure of diesel fuel's ability to reduce wear on contacting metal surfaces found in fuel pumps and injectors. In the case of diesel engines, fuel pumps and fuel injectors are lubricated by the fuel, so lubricity is a measure of a diesel fuel's ability to prevent wear in these parts" Source: Exxon.

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the car 80000 on the clock, i have had loads of fuel problems, tank flush, new pump new bottom end, egr valve ect loads of work and money.
I did not want to say to much to start with as I did not want to misslead peoples ideas. I have started at the backend and worked my way forward this is why I went for new injectors as it was the last thing to do.
I have been told that bad fuel (water and dirt ) will stop the opening of the injector as they get rust and marks on the small parts inside making the fuel drip over time.
The pump is 10 days away for being a year old so I am very lucky as I can take it back for free;) I am just gutted that i paied 800 for injectors that did not fix the problem, I will try to get my money back tomorrow as they did nothing to fix the problem.
Just had my engine decarbonised, maybe it would help yours and all other X Types with coked up intakes and EGR valves and injector deposits
My engine has never had any smoke but wanted it cleaned out to get better mpg (with it running more efficiently) and performance (as the carbon is removed from thje entire engine/dpf/exhaust)
Years ago it meant spending days stripping the engine and a lot of elbow grease to get all the carbon deposits cleaned out
Took 40 mins yesterday morning using Terradiesel (the diesel version of Terraclean (as seen on Wheeler Dealers the other week when they decarbonised an XK8))
They connect the highly purified fuel up to the engine (far more efficient than fuel additives which put a coating over the carbon deposits to smooth the flow out so they are still there), block the return to the engine so all the carbon is burnt and passed out of the exhaust.
it runs for 20 mins burning off the baked on carbon deposits (blue smoke out of exhaust really stinks).Then it soaks for 10 mins to soak eg degunk the EGR valves (2 on mine) and another 20 mins burning off and its all done.
I have the emissions from before (which were VERY low to start) the treatment and am getting the after ones soon as possible once its retested on the other thread about this
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Hi Buck

I am interested in having this done myself,how does your car feel now and is it expensive ? if you don't mind me asking.

Hi Buck
That's a good price + vat I take it less than I expected well worth it if all ok. Your results look good to me,one question do they recommend an oil an filter change afterward's in case any loose carbon has entered the engine oil.
My nearest garage is only 30 miles away have just found out so not that far,will give them a ring.

Good news Rick...the £70 included VAT!It wl likely vary from garage to garage as they buy the equipment and purified fuel from Randstat.Also engine size will likely affect pricing
The decarb cleans out the fuel and exhaust side of things with the fuel return being blocked its injectors,cylinder bores,valves,EGR,DPF,and everything engine side of fuel filter etc etc.
Hi Buck
Have spoken to garage,car is booked in for this Saturday morning,doing the petrol one first as it the one most used. The charge is £70 + vat for me,will post when done. Will be no emission readings on this one though unless they do it,as I don't have time to get them done but will do before and after on the diesel car when it's done.
By the way we have booked into a premier inn at Darlington for the Friday night prior to the Leeming show,otherwise we would have to be up really early so we will meet you as arranged at Scotch Corner services.

See you at Scotch Corner then.
I would check to see if the garage does have facilities to check emissions so you can see how much it has worked.
If it were me I would postpone until you can get them checked before the clean.
I wrongly thought after seeing the TV program all garages that were offering the clean would have the equipment to test emissions.
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