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x-type drivers door lock says door open can't lock with the remote

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Hi can any body help me on this one, I have a 2006 x-type 2.0 diesel se and when i go to lock it with the remote it bleeps twice from the horn but won't lock.The display says drivers door open it is not open but fully closed also the interior light stays on. I am thinking a sensor must be faulty and would be gratefull for any first places to look.
Thanks for any help.
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Hi Anthony

It could be the flap in the ignition switch not closing fully.

Try a very small squirt of WD 40 or preferably graphite powder in the slot where ignition key goes, push and pull key in and out a few times and try to lock remotely

Hope this helps

Sounds like the microswitch in the drivers door lock has failed. It happens fairly often.
Spraying the lock with WD40 brought mine back into service, only to become intermittent.
In the end I had to have the complete lock changed, since the switch is an internal part that cannot be replaced on it's own.
You need to be careful buying replacment locks, since there is a difference if the car has deadlocking or not.

Welcome to the forum!
Thanks for the reply I will try what you say when I get back from holiday in Florida and let you know out come back in UK 16th June.
Thanks will let you know outcome when I get back from florida in 2 weeks I will spray wd 40 in ignition first and then try the lock.If no Luck I will remove the lock and try to test it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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