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X type estate- possible change

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My 2005 2.0d SE estate may need to be changed soon as starting to get long in the tooth. I was wondering about a 3 series BMW or Audi A4 does anyone have any experience of any of these and how they compare wih the Jag. Alternatively I could go for a used X-Type estate, whats the latest estate I could get?
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2009 as that's when they stopped making the X-Type. You could wait for the XF sportbrake if you want to splash some cash.
If you've got any taste you'll hate the BMW and Audi after the Jag. ;)
the bmw and audi are good cars as are mercedes but not up to the build quality they used to be, just check out the jd power surveys. with jaguars ongoing success they are only 2nd to lexus in customer satisfaction ratings and build quality.
the other thing you have to think of is how have the german made car drivers behaved behind you ? tailgating etc, do you want to be classed as a cxxk as well ? also jaguars are still made in britain so by buying jaguar you are helping the british economy and jobs and not passing lots of money over to europe. plus as jaguar drivers arent we all saying we like something different to the standard euroboxes that are mostly starting to look the same? thats all just my own opinion , but i suppose each to their own really.
I got rid of my BMW due to the lack of club scene and support. I am happy to stay a Jagman, lots of support, easy spares, cheaper than the germans to. And it's British.
The 320d estate is very nice, but lacking the style and looks.
I had a ride in a 3 series estate in Germany, I don't think it was a particularly high spec and I guess it was 318 (it was de-badged). Pretty forgettable interior and I noticed the gear stick vibrated when it started which I thought was a bit crap lol
i had 2 a4's before i moved over to the jag side, a 1.9 tdi 130 and a 2.5 v6 tdi 180. Although good engines, so very very dull and boring, also got pulled by the feds quite a bit - guess they didn't like them either :D - get one of these and you'll soon be wanting the jag back! Cant comment on bm's tho, never liked them. So do the right thing and stay with jag, man..
Thanks for your thoughts guys, I am happy with the Jag and had it from new,it was only because discontinued that I had the thought of changing. May try and source as new a one as possible and stick with it.
it doesnt really matter about a car being discontinued as the manufacturer has to supply parts for a certain number of years after the last of the model, and then usually an after market supplier takes over. also just think of how many breakers are around, you could always freshen the look of your car if everything runs in tip top condition.
I'd be weary about the later cars, the very last ones were built with the work force under notice and it's been stated that the build quality took a nosedive because of this.
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