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X type keyfob issues

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Hoping someone can help me with a problem on my x type estate. The keyfobs have both stopped working and after reading threads on here I checked and re-oiled the flap in the ignition barrell which is all ok. I also had the fobs checked at an alarm shop and they are transmitting a signal. I then tried the re-programming procedure of the fobs to the gem and after getting the chimes at the end of the sequence nothing happens when I push the fobs within the 10 seconds, no chimes, nothing? This leaves me to believe there is something wrong with the gem module but I am unsure and don't want to pay the dealers. Anyone out there had a similar issue or atleast tell me where this module is located and if it can be fixed without a main dealer being involved???
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Whereabouts are you? Someone may be able to recommend a local specialist.
I'm located in Benfleet in Essex which is near Southend so if anyone can suggest a specialist in my area it would be appreciated, thanks.
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