It's pretty much all in the title really! Sadly my higher mileage X-type is looking like it is on the way out and I'm not sure we're quite ready to say goodbye to these lovely cars. So, very interested in any that have done less work.

Needs to be
  • saloon (becasue they are pretty)
  • petrol, auto, with AWD and cruise control
  • any colour except bright-bright red (just a personal preference)
  • cloth seats in any colour (again, personal preference) or an interior which would still look nice with my existing 51 plate's grey cloth seats swapped in
  • lower mileage (it'll do about 2k/yr with me so anything less than 60k or so would be fine)

I've checked the main sites I think so if anyone knows of one hidden away/happens across one I would be very grateful if you could drop me a line.


Also: yes, two wanted ads. Both stand :)