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X type won't go over 3000rpm

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Hi I have recently bought a 2004 x type v6 2.0,while driving today I put my foot down only to have the engine suddenly not go over 3000 rpm also the engine light came on,after about 10 mins of driving slowly it suddenly started going back to normal but the engine light is still on,does anyone know what the problem could be,I'll be honest with you I don't know the first thing about engines,it's just if I take it to a garage I'd like to know a little about the problem beforehand so I don't get ripped off,thanks
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It could be 101 different things , eg faulty sensor,split pipe,etc etc
You need really to get the fault code(s) read to try and pinpoint the cause
How do I get them? Has it got to be taken to a garage?
Thanks for the reply!
Ideally one that can read Jag codes eg an Indy or specialist as dealers tend to charge over the odds.
A code reader is plugged into a socket under the dash and it reveals fault codes.The codes relate to faults logged by the car requiring attention.There is a list of independant Jag specialists in the Jag garage section of the forum so hopefully one near you.
Buy a code reader off eBay etc an example is the geniscan that work on the x type. When you have the most like p code get on google and I'd your fault area.
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